About Ms. Sandy

I have a Child Growth and Development certificate along with a Medical Secretarial and Office Management Degree. I attended both Penn Valley and Maple Woods College, in Kansas City, Missouri. I graduated in 1993 from Maple Woods Community College. 

My college internship was done at a child care facility. It was during my internship that I decided that home child care would be my future. My entire basement is devoted to nurturing and educating children. Over the course of seven years I have had the privilege of caring for 41 children who ranged from 8 weeks to 12 years of age

Why Choose Future of Tomorrow Inc. Over other Child care Providers?

Future of Tomorrow Inc. is a state licensed child care facility since 1996. 

To be licensed you must meet all of the Federal, State, County and City regulations. Additionally, you must maintain a 12 hour yearly certificate in child growth and development.


Relationships That Last

When your child graduates from Future of Tomorrow Inc. that does not mean our relationship ends. 

Years ago a tornado hit this area and shortly after a car pulled in my driveway. I was surprised to see a family jumping out of their car so quickly. I then realized it was my parents from a prior year! They could not reach me by phone to make certain I was all right! 

Building strong, long-lasting relationships on trust, respect, and caring go a long way for your child and us.

Great Moments