6:30am - 8:30am

Breakfast and Free Playing

A normal day starts with breakfast when your child arrives. They have a wide range of breakfast choices such as waffles, pancakes, eggs, toast, cereal, etc. Until all children have arrived and had breakfast, they have free play. There are many different areas for free play: 

  • Housekeeping Area: Dolls, cradle, Barbies, clothes, dishes, play foods along with a range and refrigerator.
  • Block Area:  Puzzles and blocks of different sizes to build with. 
  • Toy Area: Trucks, cars, trains, toy figures, back packs, and camping equipment. 
  • Science Area: Doctor’s kit, dinosaurs, magnets, and a magnifying kit.
  • Art Area:  Stencils, paper, glue, coloring books, and markers. 

8:30am - 11:00am

Begin the Day

Our day begins by standing in a straight line, left hand behind our back, right hand on our heart and we repeat the pledge of allegiance to the American Flag. Next, it’s time for circle time. During this time, we discuss the activities we did yesterday, what we are going to do today, the theme of the week and we choose the leader for the day. 

  • For example, if fire safety was our theme for the week, we would talk about what we would do if we hear a fire alarm. Then we might role play how to stop, drop and roll to put out the fire. 
  • The leader is the helper for the entire day. They help with passing out papers, picking up toys, and helping others feel better when they fall or cry.  
  • Also, during circle time we sing songs and make rhymes. This gets the day off to a good start!

11:00am - 2:00pm

Lunch and After Lunch Nap 

We have lunch at 11:00 which is prepared on site since we have a range and refrigerator. After lunch, the children get ready for a nap. Everyone has a baby bed or a cot to sleep on. Once everyone is settled and comfy, we do jokes like: What time is it when the elephant sits on the fence? Time to fix the fence!  I also read a story and sing the children songs during this time. Everything is going well if everyone is asleep by 12:45. 

2:00pm - 4:30pm

Afternoon Fun

If the children are not awake by 2:00 I turn the lights on. We then have juice and an afternoon snack. The afternoon is filled with outdoor fun (I have a fenced in back yard) such as games, riding toys, or sitting on the patio and singing. Sometimes, we play with Play-doh using cookie cutters or Play-doh machines.

At 4:30 we begin to clean up, then we sit down and watch cartoons until Mom and Dad come.
That is our typical day with the exception that I left out all the drinks, spills, hand washing, the empty soap pump dispenser, they do love pumping out that soap! But I do not want to leave out all the hugs and all the kisses I receive from the children and the feeling of accomplishment each day I get from watching children develop into their own little self's. I never tire of it and I love my job! 

4:30pm - 5:00pm

Clean Up and Quiet Time